Story of Unbound Trading

I'm no different than most

I took my first trades shortly after high school, it was 1999 and my Uncle got me hyped up about the stock market in a stock called Rambus at the time. I made a little bit of money, and from then on I was fascinated by markets.

I would later give back all those gains, but the seed was planted. I always found myself coming back for more, trying to learn, failing, getting back up, failing, learning more, failing, getting back up... you know the story.

Eventually I started to do pretty well with stocks and I started dabbling in options and started struggling again. Like many, I had a ton of mental issues plaguing me from the beginning. It took a lot of time, effort, and perseverance to overcome my shortcomings. But, eventually I found the right mentors, the proper system that I still use today, and I found my footing in the futures market.

I've worked with traders of all kinds and conducted thousands of hours of private coaching over the last few years, eventually I realized I was always repeating myself and decided to make it a group format so everyone could learn together. 

I preach the same things that helped me find success, discipline, structure, and finding a strategy that aligns with your trading personality. We all have demons and shortcomings, Unbound Trading is about overcoming these issues to identify the style that will lead to proper risk management, and calm execution.

Outside of trading I'm an avid traveler and adventure seeker. I love exploring other cultures, foods, and have been around the world several times in the last decade. 

Always Transparent

I share every trade I take with the group, screenshots, and running p/l on the daily basis. The goal is transparency and trust here.

Disciplined Approach

I take time to help others overcome their individual issues, but I also share my own, and address them in real time for all to see.