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The Unbound Trading Suite is an All-in-One Solution

We've worked to create an A-Z solution - from mastering the mental game to understanding the market auction & how to create a strategy that works for you to manages risk and build consistency.

Live Morning Voice Chat

I talk through the context, how to manage risk in different scenarios, and call out my trades, my take profits, and my risk management in real time

Mind Unbound - Trading Mindset

The incredibly popular course to master the trading mindset, understand yourself better, and break through barriers is included.

Detailed Daily Trade Plans

Each morning I decode the context & provide a fresh trading plan for ES & NQ an hour before the session. Courses teach you exactly how I do it.

Unbound Strategy

An in-depth course where I lay out my strategy, how I create my zones/levels, how I look at orderflow, and using the signals.

Unbound Signals (included)

Every morning I share my screen with signals, if you have Motivewave or Ninjatrader you can access the study on charts.

LIve Weekend Zoom Sessions

As questions come in I design weekend live training sessions, join and ask questions as I share my screen, all sessions are recorded

The Unbound Signals Indicator

Unbound signals is a custom built study from the ground up. In includes several components that will take your ability to manage risk to the next level. Currently the indicators are coded for the Motivewave and Ninjatrader Platforms!

Auction Flip Signals

Orderflow Signals for the lower timeframe auction to help identify where buyers/sellers are stepping in

Power Reversal Zones

On powerful orderflow reversals a zone automatically prints on the chart to give you a clear area to manage risk.

Automated Support/Resistance Zones

I import my custom tailored zones which are uploaded to the study in real time and assist with targets and risk management

Studies work on ES, NQ, CL, ZN the best

See For Yourself

Check It Out in Action

Real time identification of the market auction & orderflow

The Unbound Trading Discord

Join a group of dedicated traders ranging from experienced to just getting started on their futures journey. Learning is done best in a group format with support and the ability to help others. It's not just futures chat, we have rooms for everything. 

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100+ Futures Traders All on The Same Journey

Growth Minded Community

Our Discord group has a positive vibe, not BS or trash talk. We are here to learn and make money

Constant Communication

We spend the time to make sure everyone has what they need to succeed at all times

We Have Crystal Clear Primary Focuses

It's important to keep it simple. We don't care about news, macro doomers, or the biases that permeate the trading space. We care about market structure, who is in control at the moment (buyers or sellers), how we can manage risk, and working on discipline to achieve long term success. That's it. 

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Minutes Of Mindset Training

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Minutes of Strategy Training

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Hours of Live Weekly Trading

Our Platform provides 4 Main Elements

We're constantly new and powerful content to enhance members experience, knowledge, and trading edge

Live Discord Trading Room

I trade live on voice chat and talk through the first 2 hours of the session every day.

Powerful Trading Signals

Our custom indicators available to all members are incredibly helpful for risk management.

In Depth Mindset Course

Mind Unbound - Master the Trading Mindset is included for all members.

Unbound Strategy

Unbound strategy will get you on the path to profitability and understanding futures.

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  • Unbound Signals Indicator*
  • Full Access to Unbound Private Discord
  • Live Morning Group Voice Chat
  • Mind Unbound Mastering Mindset Course
  • Daily Trading Plans for ES/NQ
  • Unbound Strategy Course

Yearly Plan

Charged yearly - Get 40% off the monthly cost

$ 83/Month Billed Yearly
  • 1-on-1 Coaching Call (3)
  • Unbound Signals Indicator*
  • Full Access to Unbound Private Discord
  • Live Morning Group Voice Chat
  • Daily Trading Plans for ES/NQ
  • Mind Unbound Mastering Mindset Course
  • Unbound Strategy Course
  • Personal In-Depth Trade Review (1)

Quarterly Plan

Get a 25% Discount to the Monthly Plan

$ 104/Month Billed Quarterly
  • 1-on-1 Coaching Call
  • Unbound Signals Indicator*
  • Full Access to Unbound Private Discord
  • Live Morning Group Voice Chat
  • Daily Trading Plans for ES/NQ
  • Mind Unbound Mastering Mindset Course
  • Unbound Strategy Course

Hear it from Unbound Trading Members

Naresh Discord Member

This program is the mba of trading . Knowledge never ends Aaron you force and inspires success in all of us . The unbound is a gem I wasted so much time and money not thinking I could do it due to past negative imprinting. Aaron I beleive with your support we can all do it the effort and passion you have in helping all of us while trading live is unparalleled. Discord the accountability the training the live interaction it's such a clear pathway you offer so much. I know I am not that but one day I will learn to fish. You dont ever make anyone feel inferior. I must say you have helped me immensely in my personal issues as well without even knowing it ,thanks for your support I know I can never repay it . Either your an alien or a master guru not sure which. God bless you bro lots of love from canada.

William Anderson Discord Member

I have been trading futures since March 2020 and before that had really only traded common shares. I was going to school at the time for finance at UMN and figured i should try my hand at what i was "learning" in the class room. I did ok the first two years but really wanted to become more consistent and i could sense that my past subconscious patterns/human tendencies were a big part of holding me back. I had seen Aaron's course because i followed him on twitter and he always seemed like a really honest trustworthy guy so i decided to take his course because it was obvious by the name that it focuses on the trading mindset as a big part of improving your trading. I absolutely loved his course, both the path to profitability and Mind Unbound were invaluable to my trading. I will take the courses again to refresh and cement the patterns into my psyche more in the future because they are so on point with regard to how one should approach and think about developing their trading mindset and processes. Very grateful to have run into Aaron and the mind unbound.

Aleo Discord Member

Aaron's Mind Unbound room is top notch. Full transparency and community is what I came for, and it's been nothing but that. A modestly sized group with no noise, and no nonsense, it's a great place to grow as a trader. Whether focused on developing your executions and accessing ideas, or analysis and incorporation of structure, this is a serious resource. Each day I feel more and more in control of myself and my process, and chip away at that incremental growth we all strive for. This is a positive, healthy and real environment - no ego BS anywhere in sight. Thankful to have connected with Aaron and look forward to continue to plug away in good company.

AMtrader Discord Member

The mind unbound community has helped me pursue discipline and consistency as a trader, along with managing my emotions and evaluating the reasons behind each trade. I appreciate Aaron’s premarket planning before even making a trade and how careful he is to get the most profit and least risk out of each entry.

oldboyday Discord Member

Like many programs, or "rooms", I'm always a little bit skeptical. As a new trader in the futures world. I've shifted from a few rooms and they have all been helpful to some extent, it's similar to buying a good book on trading. But, the way in which Aaron just answers your questions, it feels so interactive and im actually learning, not just looking at his plans and trying to trade around that. And the mind unbound course in its self is also just so much content. Not only to become a better trader but just to live a better life. I'm only about a week (i think?) in my process, I trade on a funded prop firm and my trades have been a lot more structured using volume profiles and market profiles. I had some understanding of it prior but man, like night and day having so many questions answered but a professional. I was also always very fearful of NQ but Aaron has helped simplify the moves of it and I now trade that more then /ES.

Henry Discord Member

Aaron's room is the best room out there, hands down! His daily plans are on point, whether you trade NQ or ES. Then he hops on voice at the open so you can hear him execute his plan live. Also, he holds a periodic zoom session to teach and answers questions! Lastly, he is nice and approachable, and is always in the mood to help others. Im grateful we crossed paths when we did so I could be here 🙏 🙌 Happy Trading!

Lukas R Discord Member

I'm a relative newcomer to very short term trading, and not a professional (although I have my aspirations). I can say with a short time in the room that Aaron’s skill (a combination of art and science as I believe he would describe it) in market and volume profiling is astoundingly accurate. The combination of confidence, patience and decisiveness, with which he trades his system was apparent from my first visit to the room, and I find equally impressive. We all know the key difference in the field is much more dependent on the ability to apply a system rather than its quality. I have a fair bit of experience in training and mentoring folks both professionally and personally (and have certainly had/have the privilege of being mentored by incredible men and women myself). There are several characteristics Aaron possesses which are the back bone of a top quality coach, mentor or teacher; a clear passion for/love of his craft, a well developed sense of patience, a tendency towards encouragement/empowerment and above all an authentic interest/personal investment in the success of his students which he leeway takes much joy from.

TraderDave79 Discord Member

Just wanted to say this Discord has helped tamper the euphoria and emotions for me while trading. It has helped immensely so far and I look forward to several more months in the future seeing where I am. Thanks Aaron and everyone who contributes to what a different server this really is! I would say there is no fluff from you Aaron , you keep the conversation on target and that is wildly different from every other Discord I've been in. No yelling "LETS F'ING GO!!!! 🚀 🚀 " when you're in a winning trade lol. Its always measured and professional and it makes a huge difference in my trading mentality. 💪

No1Nole Discord Member

Aaron is legit. I joined Aaron’s group at the beginning of the year and not only has my P/L improved but my mindset has as well. Aaron posts his P/L daily from his actionable trades he talks through in his voice channel.

SPY Fieri Discord Member

Aaron is just about as far from a huckster as anyone could be. He certainly is a profitable trader, and he proves that by posting his P&L in the Discord every day. But, I would say this is not the group to join if you just want to follow someone else's trades. This is the group to join if you want the resources to learn how to trade yourself. I have been in quite a few other Discords in my trading career, and in those Discords I learned that I am utterly horrible at following other people's trades. I will somehow always find a way to mess the trades up, even when the people that I'm following are extremely profitable. I was in Aaron's group for 3 months earlier this year, and then I took a 2-month break because I made a big cross-country move and didn't have the time to focus on trading. After my move, I signed up for the year-long subscription, because the value that Aaron provides is unmatched. The Mind Unbound indicator and auto-populated zones on MotiveWave are completely game-changing. The courses that Aaron includes as part of the subscription are immensely valuable and something that you won't get anywhere else. He posts a daily trading plan and talks through the price action on live voice every morning to help you learn how to take your own trades. And, on top of all that, you can schedule a 1-on-1 Zoom call with Aaron when you join the group. In all the other Discords that I have been in, not a single person has ever made a point to get to know all of their members on a personal level the way that Aaron does. To me, that speaks more about his character than anything else that I could tell you

SWAGHETTI Discord Member

Aaron's room is great for learning auction theory. He reviews structure every morning before the market opens and provides context. This helps a lot because it prevents you from fighting the trend. His knowledge of auction theory is evident because I have never seen anyone else use and apply concepts as well as he does. For example, his balance areas are usually key and different from everyone else's and better than everyone else's. In addition, he also teaches mindfulness and discipline. He sets an example by not overtrading and leaving before the afternoon and not taking anymore trades once he hits his profit targets. If he is red, he will follow his rules and stop trading once his daily stop loss hits. Not only do you learn how to apply auction theory in this room, you also learn how to be mindful and disciplined by following Aaron who leads by setting an example. He also calls trades live for you to follow along if you like.

7dayangler Discord Member

AaronRentrfrew doesn’t post live trades on X because this is not a trade alert service. He does call out trades Live in the Voice Channel every morning for the Open and posts trades & P/L to reference why he took the trades. He posts weekly Updates to frame the larger picture. He posts his daily Trade plans for ES & NQ prior to the open to help compare to your own daily plan. If you don’t have a daily plan, he gives you the best mentoring program on FinX in The Mind Unbound Trading Mindset channel to create a comprehensive daily plan to follow. He setup Channels for Sierra Charts, Motivewave and Ninja to index charting files with regular updates so you’re not flying solo. And he just released the Unbound Signals and Unbound Zones pulled from his daily plans which is turning the Mind Unbound Discord into a money printing machine. For the cost of one Stop Loss per month, you are getting direct access, deep knowledge and a thriving trade community to learn from. One week in the room and you’ll understand.

Ollievee Discord Member

I love the Mind Unbound room. Aaron has great insight into structure and order flow and he is always willing to engage and answer my questions. The course on psychology is a must. Great place to be.

PJ Discord Member

If anyone wants a no BS approach, look no further. The package is complete - strategy, orderflow, risk management, psychology - and seeing Aaron stick to what he preaches in his courses is very inspirational. Definitely steering everyones journey to the right course so - thank you a lot Aaron!

MonicaPropTraderz Discord Member

Since I am here, my trading improved. I am not fomo anymore . And most important I learned so many things that I was not understanding before joining Aaron course and discord. Best trader there is imo. Ps I was on a lot of discords before found Aaron.All are far away behind this discord . Aaron is the best. Thank you Aaron

Currently we are running the Unbound Signals on Motivewave, but Ninjatrader is coming soon and we are super excited for the release on this powerful platform.

Below are some of the recommended platforms and data feeds we work with to level up your excecution